Gama Infraprop Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporation Year, - 2010

  • Workforce: 200
  • Capacity - 225MW Combined Cycle Gas based Power Plant (2 Nos. Gas Turbines and 1 No. Steam Turbine of 75MW capacity each)
  • Area of Unit, - 160000 sq meters

Gama Infraprop (P) Ltd. designated for gas supply under 11th Plan. After the advisory of GOI dated 14th Mar 2012 that no further gas based power plant would be allowed for commission before 2015- the value of existing power plants has gained importance in renewable energy sector. It is first gas based power plant to start in the state of Uttarkhand.

Frozen Berries

Physical Status of the Plant

The plant consist of following main equipments
  • Gas Turbine – 2 Nos.
  • Steam Turbine – 1 No.
  • Waste Heat Boilers – 2 Nos.
In order to optimize the efficiency and working capital the company has made the system operational as below –
  • Gas Turbine – 1 No. – Commissioned, started using RLNG, produced electricity which is not commercially saleable because in the beginning the electricity so produced is always out of phase, out of voltage and out of frequency hence quality wise this electricity remains sub-standard for some time and can be utilized only for off grade use or it has to be vent out into the earth.