GAIL takes steps to make gas-based projects viable
New Delhi, May 24:

To cut down the input cost and make gas-based power generation projects viable, GAIL is working out an option to bundle gas-base projects with solar or providing some other kind of support.

It is suggested by GAIL that, this proposal is similar to the initial plan to use gas-based power plants as spinning reserves to mitigate tariff hikes.

After power pooling, the amount of gas sold to the plants has decreased, decreasing the gas-based power generation. Nearly 6,292 MW of gas-based power generation is currently operational out of the 25,000 MW stranded capacity in the country.

However, with the current scenario, Gama Infraprop Private Limited, a RLG Group’s Power Plant at Kashipur, Uttarakhand generates 107MW out of total capacity of 225 MW of power.

Gama has also tied up with GAIL for supply of gas for its power plant till 2028